How The Hemp?

The history of The Hemp Store

Jonny and Lisa grew a commercial crop of hemp in Suffolk back in the mid nineties and became intrigued by the seemingly endless possibilities of the wonderful hemp plant. The seed had been sown and in 1999 we established The Hemp Store, determined to offer quality goods that were kind to the environment and produced in fair conditions. We started with a stall on Cambridge Market (where we can still be found). Next we developed a mail order facility and we can now offer secure on line shopping.

Heaven Hemp (Nepal) 
A chance meeting in Cambridge in 2000 between Jonny and Nepali Udaya Thapa developed into a firm friendship and two new, small businesses that have continued to grow together. Udaya and his English wife Rosie now run their own small unit in Kathmandu producing hemp, and more recently nettle, items. Their staff are paid a proper wage and work in good conditions. Despite the many recent political problems in Nepal they still manage to make and deliver the goods (sometimes later than scheduled which is wholly understandable). Udaya is a believer in “Trade not Aid” to help the development of his country. When funds allow The Hemp Store contributes to The Lalit Kumari Science Scholarship Fund that provides resources for Nepalese students from the countryside to study science in Kathmandu.

Hemp Valley (Denmark)
Vidhi and Aichin started Hemp Valley in 1993 in their home city of Copenhagen. Since 2005 Hemp Valley has been growing certified organic hemp in Inner Mongolia and uses certified organic cotton. In 2003 they established their own manufacturing unit in China. This was to ensure fair working conditions.

  • Employment is freely chosen. i.e. no forced labour (Conventions 29 + 105)
  • No discrimination (C100 + 111)
  • No exploitative child labour (C138)
  • Wages 20% above the local average
  • No excessive working hours and decent working conditions
  • Employment is freely chosen. i.e. no forced labour

Sativa Bags (UK)
We have been with Alpesh and his family since 2000. The reputation of the “Sativa” range of bags is second to none. Alpesh designs the bags in the UK and oversees production in China. The range offered grows each year with every bag is cleverly designed and made to a very high standard. Hong Kong officials have the right, and have exercised that right, to inspect, unannounced, at any time, the factory AND suppliers of the materials.

Braintree started life in Australia. It’s hemp and bamboo garments are now available here in the UK. Well made combining classic cuts and whacky designs and always with a strong snece of colour.

Based in Bristol and offering the very best in hemp bathroom and body products.
Also produce the finest cold pressed hemp seed oil.

Wholesale Enquiries

In the first instance please contact us by phone or email. We are happy to discuss your requirements and forward the current trade price list.

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