Sativa Foldable Rucksack

£38.00 £30.00

This medium sized rucksack is perfect for everyday use, it’s strong, light to carry AND it folds up into the front pocket!

Pop this Innovative bag on your belt or at the bottom of a shoulder bag, then when you need a little extra space, open it up into a full size rucksack to carry all your essentials in comfort and style.

Made from sustainable hemp and cotton, this clever rucksack is naturally durable, environmentally friendly and weatherproof.

This remarkable Foldable Rucksack makes your life easier in so many different ways. The innovative design means you’ll never be caught short with the wrong bag, while little extras like the Train Card Holder, Key Holder and Headphone Eyelet keep your valuables out of sight and always to hand. Perfect.



  • Key Holder
  • Headphone Eyelet
  • Lockable Main Compartment
  • Internal Zippered Pocket
  • Belt Loops
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Weight: 480g
  • Size: Folded – 20cm x 12cm, Unfolded – 38cm x 32cm


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