Hemp Hand Sanitiser Gel


An efficient and effective hand sanitiser gel in a handy 100ml bottle to slip into your pocket or bag.
Cleans and provides hygiene of the hands without the use of water.
A thorough cleanser 70% alcohol with cold pressed hemp seed oil soothing and nourishing your skin.
All this sanitising can be hard on your skin but our hemp hand sanitiser leaves hands soft and moisturised, like using hand cream at the same time!

Powerful hand sanitiser gel formulated with 70% alcohol and Cannabis Sativa Hemp Oil.
Apply to hands and rub together – including between the fingers and don’t forget the finger tips and nails!
Allow about 30 seconds to absorb and dry.





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Hemp Hand Sanitiser Gel
Ethanol (70%), Aqua, Cannabis Sativa (hemp) Oil, Carbomer, TEA.

Do not ingest. If irritation occurs rinse thoroughly with soapy water. If symptoms persist contact your GP.

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