Hemp Shower Set in a Jute Bag


2 x 250ml bottles of hemp goodness packed in a
handy reusable Jute drawstring bag.

Hemp Shower Set
Hemp Body Wash 250ml (Sweet Orange)
Hemp Shampoo 250ml (Sweet Orange)

Our Hemp Bath and Body products are hand made locally with certified organic ingredients and registered with The Vegan Society.

Organic – Vegan friendly – not tested on animals – NO chemical nasties.

Each bag comes with a gift card and hemp fact card.

Hemp & Sweet Orange 

Hemp:                     moisturising, soothing, rich in Vitamin E
Sweet Orange:       antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamin C, helps with collagen production


Hemp & Sweet Orange 

Hemp:                  moisturising, soothing, rich in Vitamin E
Sweet Orange :  rich in Vitamin C stimulates growth, alleviates oily scalp, lessens dandruff


Vegan Friendly     Organic Certification 



Vegan Friendly    Organic Certification  

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