Soap off the Block


In our attempts to move away from over packaging we now offer fresh cut soap off the block.
Almost delicious enough to eat! All the soaps blocks contain cold pressed Hemp seed oil – naturally and some wonderful aromas, the relaxing classic hemp, rosemary and lavender, the fresh and zingy hemp,lime,orange and lemongrass and the laid back hemp, ylang ylang and beetroot. All topped off with hemp over-tails (soft hemp seed husks left over after milling for protein powder) for a gentle scrub.Choose your preferred weight from 100 grams (a regular soap bar) up to 1kg and we will get cutting! Easy to store (dry and dark) and lasts for ages and ages. The more you order – the less the cost!
100 grams @ £3.00 per 100 grams
200 grams @ £2.85 per 100 grams
300 grams @ £2.70 per 100 grams
500 grams @ £2.40 per 100 grams
1 kg              @ £2.25 per 100 grams