Hemp Wayfarer Rucksack


The Wayfarer Rucksack by Sativa is an everyday rucksack perfect for everyday,work, school or college, sports or travel.With a cushioned back and thick cushioned straps for ultimate comfort and equally distributed weight.

Function is constantly at the forefront of the designs  so this rucksack comes with multiple pockets of different shapes and sizes so you can easily organise your equipment and not have to go searching deep into the main rucksack pocket.

Pockets includes an iPhone 11 pocket, wallet or purse pocket, water holder and plenty other larger scale zip secured pockets.This multi-pocket knapsack is the “on the go” bag that provides you with the ample space along with the signature durability of hemp.





  • All pockets on the exterior of bag are zippable
  • Exterior pockets
  • Phone pocket
  • Wallet or purse pocket
  • 2 main side pockets
  • Bottom bag pocket
  • 45cm high x 28cm wide x 26cm deep
  • 55% Hemp + 45% Certified Organic Cotton canvas blend

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